Monday, April 10, 2006

Current Projects

I always seem to have too many projects going and I have a stack of unfinished projects that who know when I will ever pick up again. I currently have two main projects going.
I am working on a double wedding ring done in 1930s fabrics for a wall hanging. It was inspired by a fellow guild member̢۪s trunk show. She had a wonderful log cabin variation with 30s fabrics and it said baby. (Oh I should note that I just found out that I was expecting my first) It took me awhile to settle on a design but I just love the wedding ring pattern and how it makes your eye move around the quilt. I also found inspiration from a quilt on eBay that had applique leaves in the center of the rings.

My other project that has taken over the majority of my time, is a crazy quilt wall hanging made with all silks. I have never worked with silk fabric or done much embroidery so both have been a new challenge. All of the silks have come from neck ties purchased at second hand stores. I loved my husbands observation that the ugliest fabric for a tie can be made into such a beautiful quilt.
The block layout was inspired by an antique crazy quilt collection that my mother owns.
I love the mixture of applique and design of the fans surrounded by the crazy patchwork. I experimented with the flowers, one is made of velvet and the other is ultrasuede. I like the ultrasuede, although it is a bit tough to get the thread through.
My plan is to make 3 block and then add a crazy quilted border with more applique flowers.
As always my designs evolve and plans may change.

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Jo in NZ said...

Hi Amy, Welcome to the world of blogging. You've made a great start.

Your mother has a CQ collection. How fantastic for you, to be able to actually touch and feel a honest to goodness antique crazy qulit.

ps, you maght like to turn on the word verification, it keeps spammers out.