Monday, April 10, 2006

Quilt Philosophy

I am a quilting addict. I started quilting while I was in college. I remember seeing my first quilt that really moved me and sparked my interest. I was at the student art show, and the quilt was composed of designs created by students in the 2-D design class. Some of the designs were blocks some were used as quilting. I was struck by the fact that this was so much more than a craft, it was art. If only my college had a fiber arts course of study, I would have found my calling so much sooner.
My first quilt was quite a pitiful attempt at an 8 pointed star. I still have it and realize how far I have come.
Quilt Philosophy
What I enjoy most about quilting is the creative process. I am not a kit quilter. I have tried so many times to buy a kit, but alas I cant do it. I don’t like having everything determined for you. I also have a hard time following a pattern. I see patterns as a starting point for inspiration. I like to put my own twist to everything I create.
I don’t strive to be technically perfect in my quilting. I can sew a straight line and come close to making my points match. I love to free motion quilt, but all my stitches aren’t the same length. For me the beauty in a quilt is in the visual impact, not that I achieved the perfect 1/4 inch seam.
In art, there is not right or wrong only what if.


Anonymous said...

I love your philosophy! I love to see a quilt that may not be technically 'perfect' but evoke such emotion in the beauty of it. I don't know why some can look at a 'technically imperfect' painting and not see the imperfections, but use fabric and thread and expect perfection. I am awed by your wedding ring quilts as I am going to be starting one after I finish making my dds wedding dress (using the scraps).

Freda Butler said...

I was so excited to see your crazy quilt pictures. The quilts are wonderful. I purchased blocks from ebay last year that I intend to make into a quilt and Fargo, ND, The Order of Oddfellows and Sisters of Rebeccah ribbons are all over the squares dating in the 1880 to 1890's. I did some research and do not remember seeing the 3 circles anywhere. They do not appear on any of my blocks. If you would like to see them, please contact me at and I will send you some pictures. Now that I have seen your quilts I must get my squares out and really look them over well. I have a flickr account with some of my cq work on it. It is