Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dying Silk Ribbon

I have just recently given silk ribbon embroidery a try. Wow is it ever addictive. I love the texture it adds to a piece. After buying some silk ribbon I decided to give dying my own a try. I purchased some 4mm and 7mm and have had great results. I really like the Dye na flow, very easy to use. I have also tried some of the Jaquared fabric paints and they work ok, I think I need to thin them just a little more so the ribbon does not end up too stiff.

This was my first attempt. I wanted a variegated ribbon so I painted one side with blue and the other with purple. Love the result. I also tried the metallic pink fabric paint, like I said ended up a little stiff when dry. I will have add a bit more water next time.

This was an experiment with just a solid color and blending two....

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