Friday, December 01, 2006

Making postcards

Who knew making postcards could be so much fun. I keep trying to challenge myself and try new ideas and to just go with it.
The first card with the yellow flowers did not photograph well. The flowers are made with felted wood and attached with the center beads. The stems are done with the metallic DMC thread, which I like and was easy to stitch with. Over all I like the design but the color choices were not as successful. The flowers and stems should have been a dark more contrasting color to really stand out.

The second postcard, three trees, I like the design and the colors have a nice contrast but the embroidered embellishment does not seem to be working. I started with some yellow french knots which did not seem like enough so I started adding some "leaves" in a dark brown and it just isn't working. I think I will remove the brown "leaves" and call it finished.

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