Monday, December 04, 2006

Postcard in progress

I seem to have several postcards in progress at the moment and thought I would share the early stages of this one. I took a comercial print and cut it to the postcard size. I am using the print as sort of a guide to get the design started and hope to change it as the embelishment takes over. Initally I thought I would cover the entire fabric with bead but I am now rethinking and may incoperate some silk ribbon and embroidery.


Anonymous said...

Just can not take my eyes off! AMAZING! Very much liked your creative postcards! Since the day I log into your blog, I have a great pleasure to read your doings and view the pictures, such an inspiring me a lot.
Give my best wishes to your mom, Susan. I met her with fiberart group. That is how I have the oppurtunity to view your blog, thanks Susan.

Greetings and Hugs from
Istanbul/ TURQUIE.


kathy said...

I love these postcards and also the ones in your previous post. Sparkly yet understated and just enough embellishment...

Thelma said...

This postcard is going to be awesome. Love your beading and can't wait to see the finished project.

Kyla said...

I have used this same method for making art dolls. I never thought of doing a post card. This is going to me a real treasure