Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This weekend I got together with my art quilt friends, Jenny and Terri. We try to meet once a month and try something new. We keep it very informal. So far we have experimented with Tyvek, silk fusion and now sunprinting. I was amazed at how fast everything dried. We got started around 1:00 and I was home by 4:30.

This was my first piece of fabric, it was done with Setacolor textile paint and rice...

With this piece I tried to wrinkle the fabric, but it really didn't work too well, so I used it as my wipe up cloth the rest of the day....

This one was painted with Setacolor and then I used a veggie soup mix. Can you tell I raided my pantry before getting started.

This piece was originally a damask table cloth that was hand dyed green. I added a wash of red and then used a piece of plastic canvas to print.

This is another piece of the table cloth, this time I added a bit of blue to the fabric and then sprinkled with rice. The result is a very subtle print.

I used mustard leaves for this print.

I painted this fabric with yellow setacolor and orange jacquard fabric paint and then used wild rice to create the sunprint.

For this piece I used Dye-na-flow in purple and blue, kneeded the fabric in a plastic bag for awhile to blend the colors and then sprinkled with rock salt.


Vicki W said...

These fabrics are wonderful! I had not thought of rading the pantry - I will remember that one!

Tanya Brown said...

This is great stuff; I particularly like the effect caused by the rice! Thanks for sharing.

katelnorth said...

Some nice prints there, Amy. I have one in my collection almost identical to the first rice one -same colours and all. And have done mixed lentils, etc. Pasta works nicely sometimes. Small stones. Those sticky foam shapes you get in craft stores are good. I am hoping to do some with the kids this summer, but today is the first sunny day we've had in weeks. Hopefully the rest of the summer will be a bit better. Oh, and If forgot - rock salt crystals or kosher salt can work quite well too - not sure you tried that? Keep trying with the scrunched up method - it can produce amazing results.