Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Work

I spent most of my quilting time this weekend working on a few beaded seam embellishments on my latest crazy quilt. Here are a few details.....

I am a very much design as I go when it comes to seam embellishment.

Right now I am getting some basic stitches in place, then I will go back and add details. Most of the embellishment will be beaded, but I have added some thread and silk ribbon stitches.

This is the center of the block, I am not thrilled with the stitching so far, but will leave it for now until I figure out how to fix it. I like the fact that is goes on and off the seam line, but when looking at the block from a distance, the detail get lost. I think it is because the embellishment around it are so strong and it is rather subtle.

This seam is done with some silk ribbon that I dyed. I see it surrounded by leaves and other floral details. But I am holding of as I dont know what I want to add to the curvy beaded line. I think I made it too much of a curve back and forth but again it will stay for now. If I ripped out everything I was dissatisfied with, I would never get anywhere.

I started embellishing on a second block from the quilt. Here are the two embellished blocks so far.......

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