Monday, September 17, 2007

Off to a quilt show

I dropped this quilt in the mail today to be in the quilt show in Fargo at the end of the month. It had bothered me that the vase seemed to be floating in space, so I added the darker fabric and a bit of yarn for a table. I think it helped.

I am a bit nervous about sending my work through the mail. My biggest fear is that I will never see the quilt again. But I hope to enter some of the bigger show, so I better get over my fears now with something not too far from home.


Allison Ann Aller said...

It will come home safely, and with a ribbon on it, too.

Dale Anne said...

You don't have to go thru customs, it should arrive safely!!!
Good Luck at the show!

Dale Anne said...
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Tanya Brown said...

I share your concerns, and am also a little jealous of my quilts: it seems as though they take more interesting trips than I do.

This piece is marvelous. I agree with what Allison said - it's likely to come home accompanied by a ribbon.

threadspider said...

It's so lovely, I'm sure the visitors to the quilt show will really enjoy it before it comes safely home.
I was at the end of the Festival of Quilts and was impressed by how carefully they were starting to pack up the quilts ready to return them to their owners.