Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I love arts & crafts design and have been collecting the textiles over the past few years. Many of the pieces have holes in the linen and need to be repaired but the stitching is beautiful.

This is one of my favorites and is in the best condition.

This is a unique set of table runners. It is hand painted velvet and in quite good condition, just a few water spots. I think they will look great out during the holidays. The green velvet is so lush. The set includes a table runner and two smaller runners.

one of the smaller runners....
Another one of my favorites, the coppery color of the thread just glows. I have some vintage copper candle holders and vase that looks beautiful with it.

Another table runner, only one end is completely finished.

This table cloth has a beautiful wavy design.

A close up of the design.
This is just a small piece of linen of about 18" x 15". The design is just spectacular, I think I may have it framed to hang on the wall.

The above must have been a pre printed pattern, as this is on the bottom of the linen...

This next design was done in all french knots. Gives it a nice texture.

Another table runner done with pink stitching.

This next table runner has a rose on each end and is quite stunning when out on the table. Too bad most of my linen is packed away right now. My little one cannot resist pulling a table cloth off of the table.

This is a pillow case. Kind of an odd elongated shape. Only part of the design is stitched with much of the painted pattern showing through. On a few areas one can see how the raised stitches were constructed.

I love the colors used in this table runner. So vibrant and strong. Great design too.

This runner has some major holes in the center portion of the linen, so I need to figure out how to repair or salvage the embroidery. The fringe on the table runner is quite spectacular too.

This last piece is a pillow case done in cross stitch.


threadspider said...

These Art deco patterns are so very beautiful and so stylish. I can see echoes of the designs in your crazy quilt blocks too.

Gerry said...

These are fabulous! I don't believe I've seen this style before. Truly a treat to look at. Thanks for sharing!!!

Allison Ann Aller said...

What a nice tour....thanks!