Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Studio

What have I been up to the past few weeks? Not much sewing but a bit of rearranging. I spent my day off for Veteran's Day getting a living/playroom organized in our basement.
The basement has been unfinished and mostly unused space in our home since we moved in. That all changed when I moved my studio out of an upstairs bedroom. Why I spent 2 years crammed in the smallest room of the house I will never know, but now I have all the space I need to work on several projects at once.

It is a bit of a mess but I suppose a few pictures are necessary.

This is the "new" living/playroom. The room was in the process of being finished when we bought the house. The room has two large "doorways" that are now covered with drapes from my sister. Don't you just love the bark cloth curtains? I love the print and the colors are just fabulous, lime green and fuchsia on black. She has a great eye for funky vintage stuff.

And behind the bark cloth curtains, is my studio. It is a bit of a mess. I moved the computer desk in from the living room and had to do some rearranging. When I first moved my studio to the basement, it was too dark so I bought a couple plug in fluorescent lights to hang and wow what an improvement.
On one side of the room I have my computer, a design wall that mostly holds UFOs and various shelves and storage for beads, fat quarters, paint etc. My sewing machine is usually on the blue table in the front of the photo, but I have been lazy and left it upstairs in a corner since the quilt show a few weeks ago. Such a procrastinator.

Here is a different view of the same wall. I created the desk my self from shelving and small bookcases. On the opposite wall I have my cutting table, made from a utility shelf that is half put together. Turned out to be a great height. I keep most of my fabric that I have in yardage in this area. I am going to buy a few of those pink insulation foam boards and make a design wall on the white doors.
Here is the same area from the other end of the room. My main design wall at the far end of the room and I just love having my ironing board out and set up all of the time. I am a bit of a freak when it comes to ironing my clothes, I nearly iron everything.

That is my studio, are there things I would like to improve and change, you bet, but it is the best studio space I have ever had and I love it.


Tanya Brown said...

This may qualify as a silly question, but does not having windows bother you? It's a great-looking space, that's for sure.

sammyjo said...

i would love to have that much space to do my work your very lucky. it looks great even if you think it needs improvments lol.

Pat Winter said...

Don't you just love those fluorescent shop lights? You can also get "true light" bulbs for them which help if you get "blue" in the Winter. Love your walls, and your studio! Thanks for sharing.