Friday, January 18, 2008

Class sample

After missing several months of guild meetings, I made a point of not forgetting one was last night and got myself out of the house. I was fun and I enjoy seeing what other quilters are creating. A bit of a sore topic came up and...well maybe I should share the whole story.
A local art gallery in town sponsored a juried quilt show recently and I was thrilled to enter one of my quilts. Well time passed and the day before the show opened I realized I had not heard anything. I called and found out they had missed my name on their mailing list. Down right pissed off, I went home and stewed for the evening. I spoke with the gallery director the next day and asked to have my quilt hung even thought the show had already been judged and everything was set for the opening. They agreed and I promptly dropped off my quilt after all was it more important to have the quilt have the chance for an award or hang in a gallery for a month. I decided it was the latter.
Well anyway back to the guild meeting last night. Brochures for the show were being passed around and someone asked why my quilt was not pictured and I let them know that it was the gallery had dropped the ball (I think I may have even used the words pissed and livid). And to add to my irritation with the whole incident, someone at the meeting mentioned they wish more quilts had been entered. At which point I nearly jumped out of my chair and ranted that if the gallery had made sure to contact everyone that had entered this may not have been a problem. I am normally a quiet don't rock the boat type gal, but this whole incident really irritated the piss out of me.
Ok enough ranting
I have been asked to teach a beading class in a few months and I have been working on coming up with a sample.
I first did the lettering on a bit of Ultrasuede using size 15 beads.
And then added a few vines and flowers.


Darcie said...

Thatta girl! If we don't take care of our own interests...who will?! Says me...who is the poster child for "Don't Rock The Boat" and all of its sister organizations. ;-)

Hope to meet you someday!

Doreen G said...

You had every right to be angry Amy--I know I sure as hell would have been.
I love your class sample.

Nellie's Needles said...

Shame on "them" for dropping the ball. Shame on them for making you miss out on the judging and the brochure. Evidently, someone in the gallery didn't give this show their best efforts. Shame on them!

Allison Ann Aller said...

That is a perfect class sample. Beginners will love starting out with their own names, something they are so intimately familiar with visually.

Glad you got your quilt out there...You Go!!!