Tuesday, February 05, 2008

3-D Floral Motifs Tutorial

To fill in some of the open space on Bead Crazy I created some 3-d floral motifs. The three dimensional motifs are easy to make and a great way to use up the tiny ultrasuede scraps.

Petal Flowers

1. Cut petal shape from Ultrasuede about a ½ inch long and no more than 3/8 inch wide.2. Roll the petal in to a cone
3. Add some tiny stitches along the seam to hold the cone shape (you can see mine in the photo)
4. Stitch down to fabric
5. Add a stamen with a beaded fringe of a bugle bead and a few seed beads emerging from the center of the flower
6. Add a few vines using a beaded backstitch and a few leaf shapes complete the motif. The leafs are attached with a few tiny stitches at one end and then a few beads cover the stitches.

Fringe Flowers

1. Cut three strips about 3/4 inch long and as skinny as you can get them. I use my sharp embroidery scissors for the tiny slices.
2. Bundle the three strips together and secure in center with thread
3. Fold in half on the stitch and sew to fabric. I used a few stitches to hold some of the fringe exactly where I wanted each to stay.
4. Cover center bundle thread with beads. In the photo I used a #8 bead with a seed stop bead.
5. Add some beaded backstitch vines and the motif is complete. I also added some beaded knot stitches done in purple beads to give the impression of flower buds.

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Darcie said...

Love those!!! They're adorable. Your work is stunning, Amy!