Friday, February 27, 2009

Two new beaded seams

I added two new seam embellishments to the beaded block.

The first is a basic flat chevron. I like how it looks so nice and precise. I will be going back later to add to each seam. Right now I am focused on getting all of the major seams covered with one stitch. The other is from a beading book I just added to my library, Nancy Eha's Bead Creative Like Crazy. Great book, full of creative ideas for bead embroidery. I used her pointed flowers which I thought would make a nice balance in theme and color to the appliqued flowers I have on the block. In the photo they seem to blend in but with the addition of some foliage, the flowers will become a more prominent motif for that area of the block.

And an overall shot of the block. It is coming together nicely.

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brenco1 said...

Your block is coming along beautifully. The stitches using Nancy's book instructions are wonderful and really catch your eye.