Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Adding to my bead stash

My crazy quilt is still up on my design wall. (Yes, my studio is in our unfinished basement). Although I have not done much work on it, I have been continuing to find beads to add to my stash...We have several great local bead shops full of wonderful goodies. I have nice stash of seed beads but as always I found a few seed bead tubes with colors that I might not have. (I am to the point where I cant really remember what I have and don't, so on occasion I buy a duplicate) I have been mostly using seed beads for the embellishment on this quilt, but recently have started using beads of various size and shape to fill in and add a bit of variation. I really like the light turquoise flowers I found. They have a center hole that will look great with some fringe . Just buying the beads gives me the itch to pick up this project and keep embellishing.

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Pat Winter said...

Lovely bead stash additions! Thanks for sharing. Glad the flu is behind you now. Stay well!