Friday, June 06, 2008

Renaissance Girl Challenge

I have been chatting with Deb Silva, who like me, enjoys a vast variety of artistic passions.

She posted a challenge on her blog for like minded souls to incorporate all their passions into one piece of art.

I am thinking of creating an art doll (something I have always wanted to create) incoporating beading, crazy quilting, silk ribbon embroidery along with a fantastic piece of jewlery that will kind of be a self portrait of my passions.

If you're up for the challenge just post a response on Deb's Blog, Creativly Amused

Deb even mentioned that "if at least two or three of you Renaissance Souls are ready to play, I'll let Pokey Bolton of Cloth Paper Scissors in on it, I know she'd be happy to check out what we come up with!

How cool is that?

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