Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Quilt Label

With my Vase of Sunflowers quilt nearly finished it was time to add a label. I usually start my labels on the computer so I can mess around with size and font. To write on the fabric pencil the letters on to my fabric and go over with a permanent marker.
For this label, I needed it to be a particular size as you will see in the next photo. And I wanted a bit of art, so I played around with some pre cut scraps and found a pleasing design.

Here is the issue I have on the back of the quilt. Do you see the light area in the middle? Well that was created when I used my embellisher to shade the vase with roving. Would have been nice if I had though of this before I started quilting but no I have to create problems for myself.

The solution: cover with a label. As you can see the label is still a little too small to cover the
offending area.
Ahhh, that is better....
I finished off the label with a bit of hand embroidery around the flowers and used my embellisher to attach some novelty yarn around the leaves and add a few tendrils.

And here she is (nearly) finished, just a bit of handwork couching to tidy up a border and I want to add a few beads to each of the flowers.


Tina said...

I have been lurking and watching this grow into a beautiful finish! It is so pleasing to the eye.. I would love to see it in person... also great job on the label..

StegArt said...

That quilt is perfectly beautiful.

Pat said...

Amy, You have done a beautiful job on this quilt and label.....I have made MANY of those beaded flowers you showed us how to do a few posts ago. And, I have taught several friends and my sister to do them also. We are anxiously awaiting a leaf tutorial....of some kind. Just so you know. If you can manage that sometime in the near future, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, well then, just know that we are loving the flowers! Thank you! Pat at birdnestontheground

Allison Ann Aller said...

That is so incredibly rich looking on your kitchen wall.
Problems give rise to elegant solutions...the label came out great!

Pam Hawk said...

Oh, I agree with Allison. The quilt is perfect on your kitchen wall.

I just found your blog tonight when going through all the links in the Etsy forum I started regarding BlogUpp. Your step by step posts are really interesting and the subject of making art quilts has fascinated me for years. I just had to put a link in my blogroll so I can keep an eye on what's new and share it with others at the same time.

erinberry said...

Nice solution - I like your label!