Friday, October 03, 2008

My next church quilt

I enjoyed creating my first prairie church quilt so much I decided it was time to start a second. The church I selected is the Bread of Life Church. Built in 1881 it is the oldest church in Bismarck. Moved in 1965, the building is now located on the State Historic Site of Camp Hancock. It is open to the public through out the summer and host a number of exhibits and events. Best of all, this is where my husband and I were married in 2005.

I am going to use a historic photo of the church for the quilt. First I scanned the photo and printed on to a sheet of paper.

I then traced the major architectural details on to a piece of transparency film and scanned it in to my computer. I will need to make a visit to the church in the next few weeks to make sure I did not leave off too many details. The old photo is a bit fuzzy and is some spots I just had to guess what was there.

And now I am cleaning up the tracing. I use the blue lines to know what I want to keep and what I want to erase. Everything will be changed to black when I am finished.

Once the pattern is cleaned up I will enlarge to size and print.


Allison Ann Aller said...

The fact that this is where you were married will make this church piece of yours so potent...the architecture is so beautiful as it can only be on the American Great Plains...I'm looking forward to your creation from this inspiration!

Tanya Brown said...

This is going to be stunning!

BTW, I have a couple of things going to PIQF and live fairly close anyhow. I'll try to remember to look out for your quilt. Do you want me to take a photo of it "in situ"?