Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chirstmas Decorations

I have been working on getting our home decorated for the holiday season. We put the tree up this past weekend and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few new decorations for the year.

Here is the tree, it is a 7' prelit tree that I picked up for a bargain in an after Christmas sale a few years ago. Brant always wants a real tree, but I am all for the artificial. I think it could use some beaded garland or some ribbon.

I did add the tree topper this year. Found her at Hobby Lobby and she is made of metal. I am still undecided if she is too big for the tree or not. I am just not used to her up there. I also picked up a fanciful bird ornament made in the same fashion and though it would be a great inspiration to create my own bird tree topper.

Here is our fireplace. I was inspired from an photo in Martha Stewart's Holiday magazine of a mantle covered in poinsettias. I already had the garland, so I picked up 2 bouquets of red poinsettias yesterday and removed the blooms. Right now they are just tucked in to place, but I may go back with some wire to attach them a bit better.

I also have a bunch of crystal vases and bowls that I acquired while living in Germany. The sparkle of the crystal always says holiday to me, so I dug nearly all of them out this year and filled with various sizes of red Christmas ball ornaments.

I hung this wreath on my door this morning. I have always liked the look of a berry wreath, but have you ever noticed how expensive they can be? The one I saw yesterday was nearly $80, even with the 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby was offering I thought it was too much and the wreath was a bit beat up. So I found these bunches of berries in various sized and attached to one of my own old wreaths. I think in all I spent $12 and I even scrounged up the ribbon from a few years ago.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Very festive!
I like the wall-hanging over the mantel and the little boy in the foreground, too... ;-)

Nellie's Needles said...

Looks great! I, too, like that piece hanging over your mantle.

One thing I've done on my trees in the past to give a softer and fuller look is to add clusters of curled ribbon. Yes, the cheap kind that curls when an edge of the scissors is pulled along it. I combined strands of different colors and tie them into bunches to make curly loose balls. There's just enough sheen that there's a soft glow with the lights on or off.