Monday, March 30, 2009


We awoke this morning to just over 11 inches of snow and it has continued throughout the day. The forecast is for upto 4-6 more inches. Here is a peek out of our front door. Check out that drift on our roof and we still have a pile of snow from many previous storms.
Here is the view of our deck and back yard shortly after my husband shoveled the deck but the snow is coming down so fast it is already covered again. We had a threat of flooding last week and now look forward to a tense week ahead with more flooding possible. With a baby due in 4 weeks I really don't need this kind of stress.
So rather than venture out, I decided to stay home and do a little baking......mmmmmm pumpkin scones.

paired with a cup of coffee, the perfect mid morning snack.

I have also been able to sneek in a little time to work on my beaded block. I have been stumbling a bit and not liking anything I have added lately. So I have been doing alot of ripping out.


Eileen said...

Just what you need -more snow on March 30. We are studying the Canadian provinces in my geography class and I have the kids tracking the flooding/causes/outcomes/effects on people. Hopefully you won't get much flooding in your area once things begin to melt...take care...those scones looked delicious!

Darcie said...

This weather is just insane, isn't it. You'll be in my thoughts for the next coming weeks, that's for sure!

Your scones look delightful! Would you care to share your recipe? Peculiar as it may seem...I've never even made scones! How crazy.

Love the stitching too. Perhaps the weather and flooding and babe-on-the-way just have you feeling quite critical of your work...because it looks absolutely stunning from here.

Take care, Amy!

Beth said...

What a great blog! I love the baby booties and the scones look great. Yesterday was our due date, but baby didn't get the memo, so we're waiting and I'm getting a bit antsy, as you can imagine. Good luck with your last month, keep that kid cookin' in there!

Dean Deer said...

Man, I am glad I don't live in Colorado any more. The snow pictures reminded me to be grateful. I love you crazy blocks.Dean