Friday, November 20, 2009

technology love

I am not one who is often on the cutting edge of technology. Heck, I just got a cell phone last year. So, I wasn't really sure if I needed an iPod touch at all.
Soon after figuring a few things out on this new device, I decided we needed WiFi in the house so I could connect to the Internet with my iPod touch. Now I can check my email from my comfy chair and not have to walk the 15 or so feet into the office, jiggle the mouse and wait for the computer to wake up.

I quickly discovered that checking my hotmail was just the tip of the iceberg as to what this little machine could do.
I am quickly becoming an app junkie and constantly checking what I can find for free.
Among my favorite new free apps are a calorie counting "Lose It".
You start by entering your current weight and the weight you would like to be and how many pounds you would like to loose a week. (I went with 1.5lbs each week) Then it tells you how many calories you can eat a day (for me it is just around 1250) and when you will meet your goal (by the end of May 2010).

It has many standard foods, restaurant foods and name brand foods already in their database, so there is not a whole lot of entering calorie information. I have already lost one pound.
The next free app that I like is Stitch Minder. It goes so far beyond the ol' slide on your needle counter, it is unreal. With a tap of your finger on the screen adds another row.

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