Monday, January 04, 2010

The start of a New Year...

The new year began with some knitting. I am working on a shrug sweater for myself and finishing up a scarf I have had on the needles forever. I also have been knitting and felting up some ornament foundations that I can bead and embellish throughout the year. I wrote a pattern in 3 sizes and have been experimenting with needle size, number of strands and stuffing to come up with a nice ornament shape that results in a well felted surface.

My first (and best) sewing project of 2010 was a superhero cape for my little guy. I made it on a whim with some black lining fabric. He wore it all day as he lurked and swooped around the house.

and a Happy New Year smile from Abby....


FredaB said...

Happy New Year Amy. What is it with little boys and capes. They just love them. You will have to make him a red one also for Superman, etc.

Abby is delicious. Could just grab her and hug her. I miss the babies as the grandkids grow older.



Karen said...

Love the idea of felted ornaments to embellish! Can you share a tutorial?? Would love to try it.