Saturday, March 20, 2010

Old from New Update

Work has been slow on my 2010 Alliance for American Quilts entry. I am so glad I started to early, with two kids, work and keeping up a house on top of it all I am amazed I can find time be creative.
I am nearly finished beading the sashiko motif in the lower right corner of the block, if you look close you can see the pencil marks of what I have left to complete. I am not thrilled with how the beads are laying, at close inspection they seem a bit wonky. I sewed each bead on one by one in the sashiko design, but if I think I would like to try to alternate a black bead and a clear bead of the same size and sew them on using the beaded back stitch in a nice straight line.
I have a few more flowers I would like to cover with beads and then the rest will have just a touch of beads. I will add a few more bugs, like the beetle on the red fan blade and then it will be on to finishing.

I have found several other bloggers sharing their progress and ideas for the New from Old contest...

Allison Aller created a beautiful block Granddaughter's Flower Garden.
Barbara Curiel is working on a block using a vintage hankie.

Gerry Kruger is creating a block to honor her grandmother and her granddaughter. With photos of each at the age of 16 Incorporated into the block it will be quite the treasure.
Mary Stori created a wonderful quilt Penny Rug Revisited
If there are any other bloggers sharing their progress on a block for the Alliance for American Quilts let me know, so we all can ohh and ahh over your creation.

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I love the way this is turning out. Thanks for the links to the others working on their Alliance quilts - nice to see everyone's take on this theme!