Monday, June 07, 2010

Birthday cake and butterfiles

Alex turned 4 on Sunday and per his request, he wanted a chocolate Batman cake. I recently picked up the Chocolate Cake Mix Doctor cookbook (totally recommend this cookbook, quick and easy recipies that taste just fantastic). Alex selected the Cookies -n- Cream Cake with whip cream frosting. The cake turned out wonderful and I just had to share how I did the Batman symbol on the cake.

First, I traced one of Alex's Batman t-shirts on to parchment paper and cut out the symbol. Alex was so excited to help mom bake and frost his cake, I think that smile says it all.

I carefully placed the stencil over the cake and sprinkled the remaining crushed up cookies on to the stencil. I had to work quickly as the stencil started to curl from the moisture of the frosting. But aided by a paintbrush, I was able to keep most of the cookie crumbs where I wanted them and voila.... how awesome is that.....

I put the finishing touches on this cute dress/top for Abby. Made from McCalls pattern #5835. The pattern called for a ruffle on the bottom but I thought it would make it too full as it is a few sizes too big for her already, so I opted for just a band of coordinating fabric.


Allison Ann Aller said...

What a happy boy!!!! and a great cake, too.
My Chad (now 20) was totally into Batman at that age, and wore a cape (of an old challis scarf) for many moons. So adorable...

FredaB said...

All little boys seem to love Batman. I remember sewing Batman and Robin costumes for Halloween that they probably wore out from use.

Alex looks very happy with his cake. There is something so nice about a home made cake - a little love in every bite.

Happy birthday Alex.