Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New from Old

All of the quilts entered in the Alliance for American Quilts New from Old contest have been posted on the Alliance for American Quilts site. Go check them out, it is great to see how everyone interpreted the theme.

Here are a few photos and detail shots I took of my entry before I sent it off.

I hope some of you get a chance to see this quilt in person, photos just don't show off all of the beadwork

The beaded pink flower (in the photo below) on the top right in this photo was make using the beaded flower technique from my beaded flower tutorial on YouTube.

I added one beetle. I am working on a pattern booklet full of various beetles, bees and butterflies and I am sure this one may make an appearance in it.

A few of the flowers (top right in previous photo and bottom right in next photo) I beaded ended up hanging over the edge and I did not want to take out the beading as I finished it. So I added some free motion stitching to firm up the raw edge and cut them out to allow them to hang over the edge


Anonymous said...

It turned out FANTASTIC. I love everything about it, the colors and the set up. You did great!!!

Ann Flowers

beth said...

wow! what a lovely contribution!