Thursday, October 14, 2010

Abby Eyelet Cardi

I finished up this sweater for Abby. It the Eloise Eyelet Cardi a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. I used Knit Picks Crayon yarn in Flamingo that I was gifted from my good friend Beth.
I did few modifications to the pattern which worked out well in the end, but had me gumbling for a few rows.
Mod 1: The sweater is knit bottom up and calls fro the body to be knit in three pieces. I hate sewing. Well that is not quite true, I love sewing fabric, I dislike sewing knitting. So I knit the body and the arms (also supposed to be knit flat) in the round. I was knitting along happily with this mod, until I had to join everything for the yoke. Ugg, the first few rows were so difficult to scooch and knit that I nearly frogged the whole thing.
Thankfully after about 2 rows of yolk, the stitches eased and I was able to move along quite nicely.

Mod 2: knit the cuffs K1,P1 rather than seed stitch. I did this mod more as a preference I have to the way a cuff fits. The seed stitch is not stretchy at all and I like a bit of a give in the cuffs so they can be rolled easily.

I had a heck of a time with the eyelet pattern, had to knit out and re knit several times. Too much trying to wing it and not following the pattern close enough. In the end I think I disguised most of my miss knitting.
I still need to find a button and although all the ends are tucked away in this photo, I still need to sew them in.
It will be a perfect sweater for Abby in the spring.

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Darcie said...

That is precious, Amy! Sorry for all of the troubles...but your efforts and perseverance certainly paid off!