Thursday, January 13, 2011


Have you ever knit a beautiful garment for a friend and then later found out the threw it in the washer and dryer? This happened to me twice recently. It was a revelation to me that "non fiber" loving folk out there might not realize the soft baby alpaca requires a delicate hand washing and air dry.
So, being the industrious gal I am I made a few Handwash labels for my knitted gifts. I have a great Janome 9000 sewing machine, which I mostly use to sew but I knew it also is a great embroidery machine. (Bought is used and it came with about 20 embroidery cartridges and just about all the gadgets you can have)
The font is not as small as I would like but I am happy with the result.
Now to finish up a few knitting projects.

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