Thursday, January 06, 2011


I have several knitting projects on the needles that I need to finish up (so I can put even more projects on the needles, vicious cycle I have fallen into)
To be finished any moment

February Baby Sweater pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman done up in Knit Picks Elegance (Alpaca and Silk Blend and just lovely to knit) in Eggplant. A gift for a coworker who is less than two weeks from delivery.

Side note: something is up with my camera's flash and all of the pictures the color is off.

Sipula Bag. this one has been on the needles so long I actually took the points off the circular and used a rubber band to hold the stitches on the cable. In my defense I need to switch to some DPNs and just don't have the correct size. Hmmm, sound like a trip to the fiber shop is in order.

Helena Sweater, in Bamboo Ewe Grape. The sweater was the original sweater I planned on gifting to my coworker, but I think it will fit my 20 month old little gal, so I put it on hold and changed to the February baby sweater.

Earwarmer, I made my sister some SIL mitts with Yarn Bee Andes Alpaca from Hobby Lobby in Arabesque. With a little less than a skein left over, I thought I had enough for a hat, nope had to frog it. So I came up with an earwarmer using the cable from the mitt pattern with a little ribbing on the side.

And the finished Sister in Law Mitts a great pattern from Sarah Walker
The Alpaca yarn I choose is a bulky yarn, which was a little heavy for this project, and the size 6 needles I used, but I did a minor mod and removed four of the 2x2 rib repeats. So I cast on 40 sts rather than 44.

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ck said...

I'm short less than a skein of Yarn Bee Andes Akpaca in arabesque and would like to purchase any that is available. Does anyone have any extra? Thanks so much.