Friday, March 18, 2011

Flip top

I am working on a second pair of gloves from Colorwork Creations. All of this will be joined together to make a pair of flip top fingerless gloves. The exact pattern for these is not in the book, all of the components are. I am using the Rose Sanquhar pattern for the body of the glove but I modified the Nuthatch pattern from the gloves to fit on a flip top mitten.

On the flip side of the Nuthatch is the rose pattern

I am using Dale of Norway Baby Ull in white and St. Dennis Boreale in Ruby Wine. The glove and mitten patterns in this book are knit from the top down. So you knit the thumb, the 4 fingers, and the flip top first, then join them as as you knit down to the cuff.
One thing I have learned is that I tend to pick up the tail ends of my knitting to knit with rather than the skein ends. Have you ever done this? Infuriating. So to keep me from picking up the wrong end to work, I tie a slip knot with the tail ends together and voila, no more picking up the wrong end.

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