Monday, March 14, 2011

National Quilting Day Event

Each year the Capital Quilters Guild in Bismarck holds a National Quilt Day event at the Heritage Center. The hallway is filled with quilts and the class rooms filled with fiber and fun. Since I work at the Heritage Center I get to help get things set up. As always there are some pretty amazing quilts on display.

I have used the folded flowers on several of my quilts and just love the texture and dimension they add..

Did not get the info on this one, but I really like the flowers...

I work with Jenny and she is a great creative quilter, she gets and ideas and just runs with it. this is a HUGE quilt and I believe she quilted it on her home machine.

I brought in two quilts to share. Since the one quilt I did make this year was already sent off to the Alliance for American Quilts, I chose two of my antique quilts.

The 1930s Grandmothers Flower Garden is believed to be made by my great grandmother (on my mother's side). It is an unfinished top I love how the blue and the pink rows dance across the quilt.

The second has been dated to the 1880s (by my fellow quilter and curator of collections Jenny) It shows quite a bit of wear and at one time was made smaller probably due to the edges wearing thin. The turkey red is such a great shade and blended with the navy blue and creams it is a quilt that I treasure.

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Rocknquilts said...

I was there! The antique quilts you shared were absolutely beautiful - thank you for sharing!