Friday, June 24, 2011


Minot flood June 24-180 by NDNG
Minot flood June 24-180, a photo by NDNG on Flickr.

I have been posting most of my flood updates on my Facebook page. Flooding continues throughout North Dakota. Minot (approx 80 miles to the north of Bismarck) is facing a unbelievable amount of water with an additional 7 feet of water to current levels. The ND National Guard has been posting photos to flickr of the rising water in Minot as well as Bismarck as we battle against the will of the water.
Currently my family is doing quite well, just started getting some ground water colleting in our sump pump hole but we expect conditions to continue to get worse as the summer wears on.


Robbie said...

I cannot imagine how terrible the flooding is. hopefully, it won't get worse for you and your family.

Mary Ann & Mother said...

God bless you!