Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Flowers

I am not much of a yard girl.  I like being outside....except for the bugs (mosquitoes in particular) and dirt (I hate getting dirty) and the neighborhood deer seem to eat everything in sight.  But I do love flowers and home grown veggies.  Thank goodness my sister and significant other plant a fantastic garden that I can reap the rewards.  So I concentrate on flowers.  Just prior to the flood fight,  I planted a few flower boxes and pots.
When I am at the nursery, I have a plan for each flower box or pot, it is the same plan and seems to have worked well so far.  Each container needs something tall, a few flowers and something hangy to spill over the edge. 
I did up two of the round pots that were supposed to go on the bottom steps of the deck.

but we decided to put the sandbag dike there,  so up on the deck they remain.  I may move them out to the front driveway. 

Speaking of the sandbag dike.  Here she is.....

and the boxes of flowers I planted.

I love our deck,  Brant spent nearly the entire summer two years ago rebuilding it out of composite decking.  It is quite large and has two entrances from the house,  one from the kitchen and the other from the breakfast room. 

I love it when we have the umbrella up, makes it feel like an outdoor room.  It has been such a wet, humid spring, good for the plants not so good for the flood.  Our backyard is so green and lush, I have been enjoying my lunch on the deck nearly everyday.
  Happy summer!

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