Thursday, June 02, 2011

Wet start to the summer

Our lives have been on hold for about a week as we work to fight the soon to be arriving flood waters from the mighty Missouri River.  We have emptied the house of most of the furniture,  the kids are safe and staying with Grandma, we have constructed a sandbag dike around the house.  Now to just wait for the water. 

Cities up and down the Missouri are facing a similar situation.  Lake Sakakawea is at near capacity and with the record amount of rainfall in Montana and North Dakota along with the snow melt the lake needs to make room for all that water.  Which means some major releases from the Garrison Dam. 

We may get wet, and expect at least a few inches in our basement.  If the city dikes fail,  then we may have a basement full of water.  But in the end we will be OK, pick ourselves up, dry off and move ahead. 

Thank you to all the friends and family who have helped us protect our home. 

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Robbie said...

Prayers and only good wishes for you and your household!!!