Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have two projects on the needles......

The Cordova Cardigan a great easy fit cardigan with a touch of patterning.  I started it on Thanksgiving and it is moving along fast.  I am using Cascade Quatro in a green blue shade.

The second is another Like Sleeves for Kids tunic for Abby is a beauiful shade of aqua blue. 

Pondering doing some christmas gift knitting,  December is here and I better get a moving.

I have also been ponding entering a quilt in the catch the American Spirit Calender contest with Fairfield Poly-fil batting.   I have a design in mind now just to get working to finish it up by the April 15, 2012 deadline. 

Dug out this UFO to keep working on it.  I decided to finish up the floral border and to scale back or completly remove the beaded seam treatments and just go with a simple single stitch embroidered seam treatment in a gold pearl cotton.  over most of the quilt. 

The weatherman said to expect the first snow this evening.  Ugg,  I am not ready for the deep freeze of winter.  We have had the most glorious fall since I have lived in North Dakota. 

My husband suggested we move someplace warm and tropical,  I said not too warm becasue I like knitting with wool follow by his sinister laugh. 

The sky is spitting snow.  I need a cup of tea. 

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