Thursday, December 08, 2011

Mitten Mania

It started a few days ago with some inspiration from some coworkers mittens,  and then the mania took over.  Recycled sweater mittens are such a quick and easy project I cant believe I have not made them before now.  Three of the pairs I made came from one sweater and the turquoise pair was from the first sweater I knit and hated. 
but now I love it.  It was knit out of worsted weight Cascade wood and then I felted the entire sweater in the wash. 
I used the cuff of the original sweater for the cuff of the mitts and then added a snowflake cut out of fleece and wonder under.  It did not want to fuse very well to the mitten,  so now I am doing a blanket stitch around the motif. 
The mitts are lined with fleece as well making this pair super heavy duty.  My fingers should stay warm in the sub zero temps that are on the way. 

The next three mitts all came from one sweater,  a gorgeous merino wool Patagonia sweater from my sister that had an unfortunate spin through a hot washer. 

This first pair is made using the original cuffs from the sweater and I added the snowflake.  I am in mitten love with these right now. 

The yoke of the sweater had a great pattern of whales and squirrels,  these mitts came from the front and back and unfortunately cut off most of the creatures,  but I added a bit of embroidery to jazz them up. 

This pair came from the shoulder of the sweater and had the perfect placement of the squirrel.  Still debating if a little embellishment is needed or not. 

There are several great tutorials just google "3 piece mittens" and I used this pattern.

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