Friday, May 04, 2012

Bricks Mortar Fabric Thread

My entry for the 2012 Alliance for American Quilts is finished, just need to put on the label and hanging sleeve.  I will be a bittersweet moment again this year to pack up my quilt and send it off,  I just love how the quilt turned out.   Even got my husbands stamp of approval with his comment "Now, you are keeping this one right?" 

Bricks Mortar Fabric Thread

Bricks and mortar are the foundation of a home just as fabric and thread are the foundation of a quilt.   
 A close up on the 3-D flowers that I have dubbed "sticky tape flowers".  Each petal is cut out individually then attached and embellished with embroidered knots and seed beads to create a incredibly realistic looking flower. 

A tutorial on the flowers is in the works. 


Melissa said...

I am the lucky winner of your quilt! I thought it was beautiful, and can't wait to see it in person and hang it in my house. Thanks!


Amy Munson said...

I am so happy to hear that my quilt found a home. It is one of my favorites and it was hard to put it in a box and send it off to the Quilt Alliance. Enjoy.