Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sweet Harmony Handbag

I just finished the Sweet Harmony Handbag by Amy Butler.  I picked up the pattern a couple of years ago thinking I could make the tote to use for a diaper bag and then the purse when I was done with kids in diapers.  Well the tote never got made, and Abby was done with diapers earlier this year.  So now it was time for mom to downsize her purse.

Made with a beautiful batik my sister gifted me along with some coordinating fabrics from my stash, I think it turned out fabulous.  It has a little pocket for my phone,  exterior pockets on each side as well as more inside, best of all my iPad fits in it perfectly. 

The directions seemed a bit cumbersome at times and I just forged ahead with what I thought I should do, and since it is sewing and not rocket science, everything turned out fine.   Decor bond is such a bore to fuse to fabric (it takes forever) so I just did that as I went along.  I opted for the non zipper interior pockets and nixed the magnetic closures.  The construction really seems slow going in the beginning everything comes together quickly once you are on the lining.

I even learn how to make and attach  bias cording that creates a perfect highlight to the exterior pockets. 

Now I think I need the tote for my next knitting project bag.  

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