Thursday, March 10, 2016

Making a mark...

Do you mark you quilts?

I am in the home stretch of getting this Bike quilt finished up.  Good thing as it was commissioned as a gift for an early April birthday.  

Over the years I have tried the water soluble markers, but they always seem to be dried out when I am ready to use them.  I have used pencil, but found it is not all that easy to remove.  This soapstone pen in my stash for years and it works great and just rubs away.

I just mark the center spine on my feathers and do the petals free form. Doodling pages upon pages of quilting feather really helped my improve in getting a nice flow to the feathers and to quilt with confidence. 

I am in the home stretch of getting this baby done, wait, did I forget to put that on the to figure out how to add it with all the quilting completed. 
Can you tell what I forgot? 

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Sara said...

Beautiful feathers on that adorable quilt. I do mark my quilts and my favorite tool is the disappearing purple pen. If I have dark fabrics I use a white pen that wipes away. And I've had good luck with painters tape or even masking tape when quilting straight lines or grids.