Thursday, May 18, 2006

Antique Quilt - Painted Quilt

This quilt is the smallest of the collection. It has a center butterfly/fan motif and many hand painted floral motifs. The silk is in fantastic condition with little to no deterioration or fading. The painting have cracked a bit but still retain their beauty. Details of the painted silk. The quilt has several embroidered motifs. Near the center block is a whimsical frog sitting on a rock, there are several bird and people as well as this cow and calf.
If anyone is good at identifying the different flowers, I would love to hear from you.

This detail contains two of my favorite painted silks, the chick is just wonderful and the pansy at the bottom has such detail and depth.


Dark Phoenix said...

Drat, I can't see the pictures while I'm typing this! I'll give it a try anyway..

I think the bright yellow 'plumey' things are goldenrod. The big white flowers with dark centers are dogwood. The littler whiteish flowers that have wild petals sticking out I *think* are Star of Bethlehems. The roses.. well, there are a million roses with five petals. I'd guess rosa canina just because it's common, but it could be any of 100 or more. The darker pink single rose may be rosa moyesii. The light orange with dark orange center ones I have NO idea; the flowers remind me of creeping potentilla but the leaves are all wrong.

Laurie from the CQ list

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I have just found your blog, OMG the antique quilts are amazing, as is your own work.

I don't want to upset anyone but the golden flowers look very much like Australian wattle, now how would that be on an american antique quilt? I don't know the era of this quilt but if it is around the early 1800's gold was discovered in australia and lots of miners came here from california. The botanical name for wattle is acacia, it flowers late in the winter and is always a good sign that the cold weather is almost over.

Thanks for sharing your quilts with us.

Cheers Rosalie
Sth. Gippsland, Victoria, Australia